The first edition of the European Competitions of Skills Plus will take place on the 16th of March 2017 at RAI Amsterdam

The Skills Plus competitions are contests for teams and guarantee an unforgettable experience! Both individual and team skills play a part in the competitions and reflect the current situation on the labour market.

The teams are competing in different job types and are coming from various European countries. The teams are from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Here the best teams were selected during the different National Competitions.

Do you want to attend the Skills Plus competitions?

The first competitions of Skills Plus will start at 10:00 am and participants will display their talents for two hours per competition during the exciting challenges. The competitions can be found in Hall 10 (marked on the floor plan in pink) of the RAI Amsterdam, below the competition schedule can be found:


START TIMES IT Hospitality incl. Catering Green jobs Electrician
10.00 Czech Republic Bulgaria & Slovenia Italy
10.30 Bulgaria
11.00 Czech Republic
11.30 Czech Republic
12.30 Slovenia
13.00 Germany &            The Netherlands
14.00 Germany
14.30 The Netherlands
15.00 Italy


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