The competitions

The teams will compete in the following categories:


1. Green Jobs

Can you and your team organize a summer planter on a balcony? Select the proper tools and / or equipment for a particular task? Can you choose suitable plants? Do you have techniques to maintain a garden and can you work according environmental guidelines?


2. Hospitality (incl. catering)

Can you and your team prepare a fresh salad according to a recipe? Choose the right ingredients and adjust quantities? Can you choose a suitable dish as a starter? Can you work safely and hygienically in the kitchen? Can you serve a nice dish and provide the right service to guests?


3. Electrician

Can you and your team use a technical drawing for a lighting installation? Assemble cables and piping according to standards and regulations? Do you efficiently use materials and tools? Do you have the technical knowledge required to perform the work and can you work safely?


4. IT (incl. media, 3D en business administration)

Can you and your team use a database to make nametags for a group of people? Can you select the appropriate software for a job? Can you carefully handle information on the Internet? Are you aware of the National guidelines for IT and can you work according to privacy standards?


5. Social Health and Care (incl. cleaning)

Can you and your team schedule a game evening suitable for the target group which you work with (old or young)? Can you create a flyer for this event containing all the information? Can you give first aid in case of an injury or contusion and provide aftercare to a person with for example a contused foot?