The second SKILLS + European competition for professional skills for people with disabilities is over! It was held in a different format than planned and was a challenge for participants and organisers. Teams from 10 European countries presented their professional skills in 5 categories – Hospitality&Catering, Green Jobs, ICT, Electrician and Social health&Care – the work process was recorded and sent for evaluation to Netherlands judges. After conversations and discussions, the judges determined the best teams.

First place and gold medal in Hospitality&Catering – the team from Slovenia!

First place and gold medal in Green Jobs – the team from Bulgaria!

First place and gold medal in Social health&Care – the team from Croatia!

First place and gold medal in ICT – the team from the Czech Republic!

Electrician … the situation is different here, only Belgium managed to hold a National Competition in this professional category and there was no competitor for the European Competition.

Thanks to all participants for their desire, creativity, sense of humor and perseverance! Congratulations! Thanks to all who were involved in the events, despite the difficult situation!