Last couple of weeks were very busy in the Netherlands for our Skills+ competition.

The competition was held for the categories: Hospitality and Catering & ICT.

Due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to hold a face2face competition for the participating teams. We came up with the solution to do it online and through several different judges, judging online, to choose the winner per category.

The first competition was the Hospitality and Catering department where the first competitor started. This organization is called: “Parc Spelderholt Academy” this is an academy, a place where young people with a disability learn, live and work. In a four-year development trajectory, you work on independence and self-confidence. They had the assignment to prepare a meal including fresh tuna, a salad with a dressing and home made naan bread. Overall a great performance by Spelderholt.

The second team was a team from an organization called the “de Soos” Which is a place where teens with all kinds of different backgrounds can come and enjoy all kind of activities to do with each other. This team had the same assignment, which they also did really well.

At the end, the different judges had to choose a winner who will compete in the final European competition and they picked…… drums…… “Parc Spelderholt Academy”!

Congratulations “Parc Spelderholt Academy”, we will see you in the final!