On February 9-10, just a couple of days from now, the Adam Smith College of Management (BG) team will travel to Tryavna for two days of intensive interviews and prep sessions with the Bulgarial finalists who will fly to Amsterdam in March to compete against representatives of 5 other countries in the first ever skills competition for people with disabilities.

We are looking forward this work trip, as we plan to meet each of the participants and their mentors and collect in-depth personal stories which we will later promote and showcase. Role-models are important part of the Paraskills project and the Skills+ competitions.

Along with this, we will also work on beefing up the team spirit and making some final logistical adjustments, so that the trip can be not only successful, but also exciting and enjoyable, not to mention not too harsh to the participants with motor disabilities, for whom this will be a real challenge.

Team Bulgaria is coming to get those medals!