Employment opportunities are not easy to come by. Especially for vulnerable groups. It is a rather common phenomenon to see people not be given the opportunity for a career just because of the fact that they might have some disability the might in general not even affect their work.
There is a lot of discrimination today and this way of thinking is gravely affecting the world market. People are not learning to work with people with disabilities and as a result, the discrimination grows. There are many ways to promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities and everything starts from the working environment.
If people working in a company actually learn that working with people with disabilities is not going to slow them down, on the contrary, it might give them the opportunity to evolve their own results then, then they will realize that there are is more opportunity there than what they may have thought.
Everything starts within the company of course. If the company’s administration is not accepting towards people with disabilities then the work positions for these people will keep reducing in numbers. At the same time, if the company is accepting towards disable people but is not making sure to inform and educate the rest of the employees appropriately then the collaboration withing the business might get tougher and tougher to the point where it will no longer be optimal for the business itself.
Education is the key here. People who do not have experience working with people with disabilities need to learn how to overcome their discrimination and focus on the key elements that can help bring the best results.
At the same time, from the theoretical part all the way up to the infrastructure, companies need to make appropriate changes in an effort to provide people with disabilities with a friendly working environment. Finaly people in the labor market need to understand that people with disabilities are not people who might not have the ability to properly get integrated into the working environment or keep the company behind.
The European Union is promoting actions focusing on eliminating discrimination towards people with disabilities in the labor market. With projects like the SKILLS+ project, the EU can allocate the funds in actions that can promote a safe working environment for people with disabilities, with equal opportunities and no discrimination.