The skills competitions for people with (labour) disabilities

If you want to participate in the Skills Plus competitions, if you want to put in as a volunteer or want to support us, please contact us.
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What is Skills Plus?

Skills Plus are the skills competitions for people with (labour) disabilities. No one is judged on his or her disability – only talent counts! Read more

Why participate?

Show what you can do! Work in a professional team with guidance from experts! Get in touch with people from all over Europe! Test your skills and get a European recognized certificate! And many more! Show all

How to participate

Participating countries have different ways of selecting their team members so if you want to participate, it is best to reach out to the contactperson(s) in your country.


In the schedule you can see the planning of the National and European Skills Plus competitions.


World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day

The goals of this day are: to encourage early diagnosis, to provoke tolerance and empathy and to facilitate the inclusion of these people in society.According to experts, people with autism can be successfully realised in various professions. Autism is increasingly...

Предстоящо Европейско състезание SKILLS+

Предстоящо Европейско състезание SKILLS+

Преди четири години в Амстердам, Холандия, се проведе Европейското състезание за професионални умения за хора с увреждания. Участие взеха силно мотивирани и подготвени състезатели с различни по вид и степен увреждания от 6 Европейски държави. Те доказаха пред себе си...

European Skills+ Competition coming soon!

European Skills+ Competition coming soon!

Four years ago, the European Competition for Professional Skills for People with Disabilities was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The event was attended by well-prepared and very excited people from 6 European countries. The participants proved to themselves and...